TAKENOBU is a team genuinely passionate about fine Japanese arts and handicrafts.

Our mission is to preserve the authentic and best quality of the ancestral cranftsmanship in Japan, likely to disappear if not supported.

We select talented Japanese artisans and artists who intrepret the traditional wabi-sabi aesthetic and philosophy with their own contemporary designs, for everyday use and home décor.

We discover them in galleries in Tokyo, or absorbed in working in their small studio in the country side.

They share our constructive idea of introducing their art to the world, and to take care of all the business flow so that they can focus on their product making, skills and inspirations.

Our clients are like our artists – socially and environmentally conscious, they aim to foster a sustainable lifestyle.


Naoko Takenobu

Founder and CEO

Naoko Takenobu

Naoko grew up in a family strongly anchored in the traditional Japanese culture, with Noh teachers as grandparents, and Ikebana and traditional dance teachers as aunts.

In love with the Japanese craftsmanship, she understood the lack of opportunities for unknown yet excellent Japanese artisans to sell their artworks overseas.
She naturally thought of using her 20 years of leadership experience in global business and customer relations in both American and French renown companies, to offer unique Japanese fine handicrafts in Japan and overseas.

Céline Bonnet-Laquitaine

International Business Developer

Celine Bonnet-Laquitaine Takenobu Tokyo

After receiving master degrees in Art History, and in Communications and Marketing while studying the Japanese language in France, Céline has taught Art History and the French culture in Japan.

There, during 4 years, she deepened her understanding of the Japanese arts and craftsmanship, making pottery and handmade paper (washi), practicing traditional dance and tea ceremony, and talking with artists and artisans.
Currently in California, she has studied the art market and developed her cultural intelligence to create bridges between the Western and Eastern cultures, through cross-cultural communication and marketing.