Gold Fish by Tsuda Mizuhiki-Orikata 


Gold Fish by Tsuda Mizuhiki-Orikata 


2.Gold Fish

Gold fish is a symbol of having luck with money.

This product is made of  Mizuhiki with high quality

which is very difficult to be supplied, since the artisans

have been decreased, today. Then, Tsuda Mizuhiki Orikata

originally process MIzuhiki for some products. Mizuhiki

processed by Tsuda Mizuhiki Orikata brightens in a different

angle and makes the objet of MIzuhiki more beautiful.

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About today’s Mizuhiki Orikata

The technology to produce Kaga-Mizuhiki has been inherited by Tsuda-Mizuhiki-Orikata produced in Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture. Tody, after approximate 100years, this company still produce Yuino-kazari (engagement decoration), and Kinpu( envelope with decoration) made of Mizuhiki on the basis of the style that the founder, Soukichi Tsuda contrived. Now, the fourth generation, Hiroshi and Sayumi,and the fifth generation, Rokusuke and Saki have preserved the tradition not only to produce Yuino-kazari, but also to adopt new idea. The slogan of this company managed by new generation is “ Familiar Mizuhiki-orikata that goes with modern life style”.


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