Flower Vase 20 by Koji Aoki


Flower Vase 20 by Koji Aoki


20.Flower Vase

Recoating approximate 8 colors of glaze many times.
Size:27.0cm/10.6inch in diameter, 27.5cm/10.8inch in height

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He kneads the clay, creates the form, and fires it. The fired wares are arranged with the flowers, served with the delicious foods, or poured with the alcohol. They are appreciated every day and given a new life. Those wares also give some comfortable feeling to the people using them. Touching the clay, creating the form, and finally using it, this is to get the blessing of nature and to feel the energy in the daily life. He often thinks about the work of firing. Once the clay is fired, it cannot be back to the original clay. His work is to create the wares which can never come back to the nature situation. So he feels the vocation to create each his works with his whole heart. When he kneads the clay, he thinks of the journey before it arrived at him. It was piled up for a long time and it waked up from a long sleep after being dug up, and finally it is in his hands at present. The fortune of the clay depends on his hands. In order to survive our daily life, it cannot help obtaining the nature. So he thinks that he has to consider the meaning of obtaining the nature, the method of returning a favor, and its influence. He thinks that the people including him are insufficient to consider how their acts would influence in the future. He tries to consider it through the process of firing the clay.


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